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Watch me dye my hair PINK + TRIM and repair damaged hair

Watch me dye my hair BRIGHT PINK! ;)
Products I used :) -Mixing Bowl -Brush Applicator -Gloves -Tin Foil *Bleach : IT&LY easily blond 2020 *Developer : IT&LY oxily 2020 40 Vol *Pink Dye : Manic Panic - Cotton Candy Pink *Magenta Dye : Ion Color Brights- Magenta

11 Ways To Get #instahair Perfect Hair

Want to get gorgeous, shiny Instagram-ready locks? You can with these habits. 
11 Habits For Perfect Hair
Perfect hair starts with great haircare.

These are 11 habits you need to start cultivating NOW in order to get Instagram-worthy hair (we’ve all seen the #instahair tags and we’ve all at least ONCE wanted gorgeous, flowy, princess-like hair).

From multivitamins to throwing out your comb, everyone with gorgeous hair swears by these tips!

1. Use Shampoo For The Hair You WANT, Not The Hair You HAVE
We can guarantee Gisele’s hair, we just can’t guarantee that you’ll look like her. image via Glamour Magazine
For the longest time I kept on using shampoo for dry hair and, guess what? My hair never got any better. So, instead of using shampoo for the hair I had, I started using shampoo for the hair I wanted. I switched over to shampoo for fine hair and since then, my locks have never been tamer, shinier and, dare I say, healthier.

2. Now That You Have Your Shampoo, Use it SPARINGLY
With perfect hair…