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DIY Tips to Get Beachy Waves in Your Hair

We all love the “beachy wave” look; whether you’re a star or just an ordinary woman, you know how great it can look. So, instead of struggling and messing around to get this style to work, why not check out our list of DIY tips that can help you to get started with the process. Here are a few tips that you’re going to want to try.

1. Have Great Tools. When you’re going to try to do any hair style that’s out there, you want to make sure that you get the best appliances for your hair that you can. There are a lot of great options that you can find, just do some research and make sure that you get the right appliances to get the look that you’ve been looking for.

2. Twist and Curl. Even if you just have a basic flat iron, that doesn’t mean that you should have to run out and get new appliances. You can twist your hair and use the flat iron in order to smooth out the twisted bunch of hair. Then, you can untwist and you’ll get the easiest beachy waves look that you have ever been able to have.

3. Loosen up! If you use a curling iron, then loosen up the settings so that you get much looser curls than you would have with your standard curling procedure. Then, brush your hair out slightly – it will keep the waves and give you that great beach look that you have been looking for. You may have to play around with it a bit to get the waves just right, but your curling iron can be one of your greatest allies as you start trying to perfect this look and what it has to offer.

4. Don’t use a lot of product in your hair. No matter how you do it, make sure that you don’t use a lot of product in your hair. It will weigh it down immensely, which means that you aren’t going to be able to get the waves to stay around for very long. Go light on the product so that you can still keep the look that you want without getting frustrated at how quickly it falls away. Once again, you’ll have to try a bit and see how much product is going to be able to help you, and how much may be too much and will weigh your hair down.

5. If you don’t succeed, try, try again! All in all, it’s about trial and error. And if you don’t find something that is going to work the first time, there are plenty of other things that you can do in order to make sure that your hair gets that look. You just have to try what you can and see what sticks around – it can make a big difference and you’ll finally get that beach look that you have been longing for.

How to Create Beachy Waves Hairstyle Tutorial

What’s the best summer hairstyle? How about beautiful beachy, wavy hair?!? To help you create the sexiest look of the season, we’ve put together this quick and easy tutorial on how to perfect that effortlessly cool Summer look everyone raves about. Keep on reading! 

Hair Tutorial | How to Create Beachy Waves

This hair tutorial is very easy to follow; we guarantee you don’t need to be a hair pro to master this look! All you need is a curling iron, a mimosa, and sheer determination to successfully achieve this classic Summer look.

Before and after curling your hair, see the awesome difference?

Step 1 – How to Create Beachy Waves
First, detangle your hair with a thin-toothed comb. After combing, divide your hair into four parts for easy sectioning.
Section your hair into four parts and start curling from the bottom layer

Step 2 – How to Create Beachy Waves
Going one section at a time, take your section of hair and curl it. To get the best beach waves, twist your hair around the barrel of your curling iron in two directions: first towards your face and then away from it. Make sure to keep your hair on the curling iron for 10 seconds so the wave will hold better.
Curl one inch section of the hair toward and away from the face

Step 3 – How to Create Beachy Waves
When you finish one section, lightly apply hairspray. This will help lock your waves in place once you start moving on to other sections.
Apply hairspray to help holdhair in place

Step 4 – How to Create Beachy Waves
Repeat the curling process (first towards your face and then away from it) with every section, except for the last two, uppermost sections. Don’t forget your hairspray!
Repeat the curling process

Step 5 – How to Create Beachy Waves
Now we’re going to change things up a bit. Before you curl the remaining sections of your hair, mist a volumizing hairspray on your roots.
Apply high lift spray first before combing and curling your hair

Step 6 – How to Create Beachy Waves
After you spray your roots, tease your hair just a tad bit with a comb. This will add volume and body to your hair.
Tease the hair for added volume

Step 7 – How to Create Beachy Waves
After you’ve teased your hair, curl the sections using the same method as before.

Curl away and towards the face…again!

Step 8 – How to Create Beachy Waves
Once you’ve finished curling, let your hair cool for 5 minutes. This is important as styling it immediately afterwards will result in lost, deflated waves.
Let everything set in for five minutes

Step 9 – How to Create Beachy Waves
To finish the look, spray a light mist of hairspray all over your hair. Massage the hairspray into your hair to detangle it and achieve a smooth, finished look.
Spray hair again one last time to keep the curls in place

You are officially ready for Summer! Now go on and channel the inner Victoria’s Secret Angel in you with this beautiful hairstyle!

Perfect Beachy Waves Tutorial

Curling Iron

6 Curling Irons You Need In Your Life

Are you a fan of beach waves, loose curls, sexy-mermaid waves, and just curls in general? If so, then you should have these curling irons.

6 Curling Irons For Any Type Of Curl

There are a lot of creative ways you can curl you hair. One of them is the now very trendy, beach waves. But if you’re getting tired of the same look, switch it up!

Today we see tons of how-to-curl tutorials on the internet. A lot of them look gorgeous at the end of their video and when we try it at home, it’s just not the same. One important thing to remember when curling you hair and wanting to achieve a specific type of curl is that your curling iron plays the most important role in curling. If you have just one curling iron, you better check the infographic below.

Save it, pin it or print it for future reference!


How To: Effortless Beach Waves For Short Hair

Nothing beats gorgeous, beachy waves that look effortless. You often see this on women with longer hair, but what about us gals with shorter locks? This tutorial will help you create stunning beach waves for short hair in no time!
Get a gorgeous “I woke up like this” look with this step by step tutorial!

How To Create Beach Waves For Short Hair | Effortless Beachy Waves
When medium haircuts spiraled the internet, it inspired a ton of women to chop off their long locks (myself included). But it seems now we’re getting a bit bored and starting to miss all the styles we could create with our longer hair.

This tutorial will bring excitement to your shorter hair and show you exactly how to create those gorgeous beachy waves we see Victoria’s Secret models master. So if you’re in love with the beach goddess look, read on to find out how you can get effortless beach waves for your short hair.

What You’ll Need:
1. A 32mm barrel curling iron
2. Dry shampoo
3. Gloves (in case you’re not familiar with using curling irons)
Tip: Curls look so much better two days after you washed your hair. If you just washed, go ahead and put on some dry shampoo to improve the texture so that the curls stay longer.

Step 1: Brush through your hair
Make sure you don’t have any knotted hair. This will help when you begin curling your hair.

Step 2: Section it off
NEVER curl your hair in one go. Create 3 or 4 (depending on how thick your hair is) sections and start from the bottom by clipping the rest upwards.

Step 3: Start by getting a small section of your hair

Step 4: Curl this section!

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4
Until you reach the top part of your sectioned hair.

Step 6: Loosen
After curling all your hair, run your fingers through to loosen everything up.

Step 7: Spray with hairspray
When spraying, make sure the bottle is at least 1 foot away from your hair.

Step 8: Adjust
Repeat steps 6 and 7 if you feel you’re not satisfied with the results.

And you’re done!

Tip: For better results, sleep with this hairstyle on to create the gorgeous, effortless “I woke up like this” beach waves the next day!

Feel free to watch the full video tutorial here:

Beachy Effortless Waves - How I Style Short Hair

Products Used:
Bellami 6 n 1 Complete Curler -- 32mm barrel -- use "nicolehot" for $160 OFF
Christophe Shaping Hair Spray -- Ulta
Wide Tooth Comb
What I'm Wearing:Face:
Face: BareMinerals BareSkin #11 + NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer/MAC Light Boost + ABH Contour Kit (Havana) + MAC Peaches
Eyes: Makeup Geek Birthday Wish Pigment + Ardell Glamour Whispies
Lips: Dose Of Colors Sorbet + Gerard Cosmetic Coral Craze Lipgloss
Nails: China Glaze -- I Sea The Point
2016 Acrylic Art Art Equipment Balayage Base Coat Beachy Waves Beauty Care Beauty Store Blenders Blonde Blonder Blush Body Bourjois Bronde Bronze Bronzers Brows Brushes Bun Burberry Buttery Blonde Celebrity China Glaze Cleaner Clear Coachella Weekend 1 Concealer Conditioner Contact Contour Corrector Cosmetic Cover FX Curling Irons Curls Curly Cut Cuticle Denim Hair Dot Double Buns Dove Dramatic Dry Dry Fast Dry Shampoo Drying Drops Dye Easter Essie Exfoliate Extensions Eyebrow Eyelashes Eyeliner Eyes Eyeshadow fa Face Masks Fishtail Foundation Friizzy Hair Galaxy Gel Polish Glitter Glowing Glue Golden Rose Gradient Hair Hair Curler Hair Dryer Hairchalk Haircut Hairspray Hairstyle Halloween Health Care Healthy Highlighter Hokiday Homemade Iron Jewelry JML Kenra Kerastase Kit Kleancolor Koh Gen Do Kylie Jenner L'Anza L`Oreal Lashes Lense Lip Balm Lip Gloss Lip Liner Lip Polish Lip Scrub Lip Stains Lips Lipstick Liquid Long Hair Luxy Hair LyDia MAC Studio Make Olaplex Make Up For Ever Makeup Makeup Bag Manic Panic Mascara Mask Matte Max Factor Maybelline Medium Hair Migmaging Mineral MoroccanOil Nail Decals Nail Glitter Nails NCLA Neon Nicole by Opi Oil Olaplex Ombre Opal Opi Orly Ouai Palette Pastel PCA Skin Pens Perfume Pipe Dream Platinum Polish Ponytail Pop of Color Powder Pravana Rainbow Redken Revlon Ribbon Rimmel Ronze Roots Rose S-Braid Schwarzkopf Seche Set Shampoo Shapes Short Hair Silver Skin Smokey Spoon Sprays Stamping Plates Straightener Strawberry Blonde Strength Strengthener Swatches Tattoo The Lob Too Faced Top Coat Top Knot Trim Valentine's Day Verb Vintage Vitamins Water-Based Waves Wavy Wax win Women Care

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