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We have to recognize the power and the essence of lipstick this summer. Notably, it is almost official that every lady leaves the house with lipstick. Many women will have the favorite lipstick in their purse every time. There are several colors and brands you can try each time you feel you need a change. Also, this is a message to those who do not use lipstick all the time, for the fear that they will not look great. Well, girls always look nice if they have lipstick on. So regardless of the skin type you have, you can be sure that there are various brands and types of lipstick you could try especially this summer.

Usually, using classic and perfect shades of lipstick leaves an unforgettable impression. The current trendy colors will make you look great as you will look attractive in your shade choice. You can check the colors that will look hottest on you and make you outstanding and conspicuous. Normally, it is crucial that you select the shades or lipstick colors that will match all the outfits. In fact, you can try the different trendiest shades there are as they are all amazing. This way, you will stand out, look beautiful and attractive and at the same time, you will gain more and better confidence.

1. Ombre
Apparently, the temperatures are higher during the summer. At the same time, it means that the skin could get darker. It is thus a nice opportunity to nail and show those ombre lips. It is fashionable, and the trend will make you stand out. You can simply master the technique, and you do not have to worry that the shades may not look good on you. The shades look good on everyone. They make the lips pop up and look attractive. At the same time, the shade looks classy and shiny and compliments the skin. Furthermore, it seems like the best lip plumpers. Do you want to miss this trend? It is a classy and viral trend. You have to try it this summer.

2. Orange
Currently, orange is the color that is replacing red. Most girls have been using red shades. However, they have embraced orange lipstick as it works better with the summer outfits. At the same time, it is classy, and it makes you conspicuous. Evidently, you will have fun trying to pull out a new look with the shades.

3. Plum
If you embrace this one this summer, then your lips will be the most enviable. Probably, you are aware that the weather during the summer is one of the causes of chapped lips. The shades will prevent this condition. Apparently, apart from adding a great and attractive look on the lips, it will offer protection. As we know, this should be among the seasons with the harshest weather conditions for the lips and the skin. It is thus crucial that you stand out during this summer season with plum lipstick.

4. Red
The red lipstick can solve several issues. You can use it as the only makeup product. Fortunately, anyone with any skin type can use the lipstick. These shades are both seductive and make you look bold and attractive at all times. It adds a glow to your smile also. Furthermore, you can also use it with faint makeup to look elegant. Since there are several red shade types to opt for, you can never run out of options.

5. Nude
Some ladies like the subtle look. If you like the glamor glossy or even the perfect classy, then these shades are perfect. The trend is amazing, and you cannot afford to miss trying it out during this summer.

6. Pink
Some ladies have already mastered using pink shades and thus pulling a fantastic look this summer cannot be an issue. The shades make you rock and at the same time make you look great. Furthermore, it gives a youthful look and gives a pretty fancy look.

7. Coral
This one is perfect for a sassy summer look. Whereas it looks fantastic during the day, it can help you to improve the evening look. If you are a party girl, then you should try the shades this summer. It gives a flawless tan and makes you stand out among your friends.

With all the shade options, you can try the one you think looks best on you. Fortunately, any of the shades will be great on you.

In a nutshell, you need to look good, attractive and flawless this summer. Start with the lips and pull out best looks that will create great impressions. Notably, there are so many options; you cannot miss making a choice. Be trendy this summer season by making the best selection. While the shades will make your appearance great, they will also protect the lips as the weather will be quite harsh.

Strawberry Blonde – Hair Color Trend 2016

One of the hair color trends that will be popular this year is the strawberry blonde. This blonde hair color features a warm reddish tint and looks really good when styled properly. It can occur naturally very rarely and goes in combo with pale skin and freckles. But nowadays, with the professional hair dyes, your hair stylist can achieve every color you want.

Many Hollywood models, actresses and musicians have chosen this sweet shade and you will be able to see some of them on the photo collection that we have made for you today. This trendy shade is also known as Venetian blonde and it can warm up your complexion. The classic strawberry tone looks perfect on women with fair warm skin tone. However, since this hair color trend can be found in different variations, it can look good on other skin tones too. For instance, if you have a skin that tans well, light brown hair and dark eyes, you can try darker versions of strawberry blonde. Avoid lighter hues, because you may look a kind of ‘washed out’. The tones that are closer to beige can be worn by ladies with medium complexions. Scroll down now to see some of the celebrities who have chosen to wear this trendy hair color and get inspired to try it too. Enjoy!







When it comes to the makeup that looks best with the strawberry blonde hair, there are several tips that you should have in mind. Black mascara is the must-have as well as pink lipstick. The pink lips look great with light colored blush, so make sure you add a little bit of color on your cheeks. And when it comes to the eye shadows, the pale ones such as pale pinks, peach and creams look best with strawberry blonde hair.









These were the celebrities that have chosen to try the trendy hair color, strawberry blonde and we hope that they will get you inspired to pull off this hair color trend too. Make sure to choose the right shade for your skin tone in order to style this hair color properly. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Fahsionsy to keep up with the latest fashion and beauty trends.

Preeeeeetty: Our Favorite Celebs with Rainbow Hair

Blonde and brunette are *so* 2010.

Preeeeeetty: Our Favorite Celebs with Rainbow Hair

1. Hillary Duff in Turquoise

The actress recently made a drastic change, going for "mermaid" hair with this turquoise hue. (Not gonna lie, it's like Lizzie McGuire grew up and ditched those color clip-ins for the real deal.)

2. Nicole Richie in Pink

First she had a pink bob in early 2015, then it turned into this pink pixie. Richie is about all the extremes.

3. Gwen Stefani in Pink *Stripes*

One of the pioneers of celebrity color switch-ups—with hues that are not at all natural—the blonde recently added pink stripes. (Almost as an ode to her old, pink 'do. RIP.)

4.Nicole Richie in Teal

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? IDK, but it looks like Nicole is definitely trying to dye her hair all the colors in the Crayola box. And this November 2014 look has us totally on board for that endeavor.

5. Katy Perry in Purple

The singer debuted this look at the Grammys in February 2015 and suddenly people were like, all purple all the time.

6. Katy Perry in Violet

You're turning violet, Violet Katy. This look in January 2015 was a win, even if it only lasted for about a second.

7. Demi Lovato in Teal Ombré

In October of 2014, Lovato showed off her new bob with turquoise underneath and a shaved side. Nothing fazes this girl hair-wise. NOTHING.

8. Dascha Polanco in Gray/Lilac

The Orange Is the New Black star only had a short time to switch up her hair before filming in September 2014, so she went all out by switching from her dark brunette locks to this lightened 'do. We like.

9. Hayley Williams in Orange

If someone said to us, "Orange hair would actually look really good," we would have been skeptical. Until Paramore's Williams showed us the light.

10. Demi Lovato in Violet Ombré

The singer loves changing it up—in July of 2014 she went for a violet ombré. Thumbs up.

11. Nicole Richie in Blue

As you can tell, it's a core group of celebs gravitating towards the not-found-in-nature colors. Can we get more of you interested? Eh eh?

12. Nicole Richie in Green-Blue

Annnnd another awesome Richie moment, this one from July of 2014.

13. Hayley Williams in Blue

Really this *shouldn't* look as good as it does...but it does.

14. Anna Paquin in Blue-Violet

The True Blood star was essentially contractually obligated to be a blonde for her character until July 2014, so when that was up she was like, I'm doing this big. And here we are.

15. Katy Perry in Green

Hello, hair chameleon! The singer went green in June 2014 and somehow made us rethink Nickelodeon's infamous green slime as possibly chic? Are we in the Matrix?

16. Nicole Richie in Purple

We're not going to lie to you, we're so down with this look that Richie debuted in May of 2014 that we're contemplating it right now.

17. Kendall Jenner in Turquoise

The Jenner sister is a self-proclaimed beauty junkie (and has already come out with her own line of extensions) so it makes sense that the teen often switches up her look. We're particular fans of this bob with turquoise accents at the 2014 Billboard Awards in May. (Are we sad that we're envious of a 17-year-old? Maybe.)

18. Nicole Richie in Purple

Richie showed off her grape 'do in April of 2014, and it's like, are we starting to become so used to it or does this look natural to anyone else?

19. Demi Lovato in Fuchsia

The singer showed off her dark pink/fuchsia locks on the red carpet in February of 2014. It's like Old Hollywood red but better.

20. Demi Lovato in Pink

If strawberry shortcake hair is wrong, we don't want Demi to be right. This 'do debuted in January 2014 and lasted ONE WHOLE MONTH until the next color. (That honestly is an eternity in the Demi Hair Color Timeline.)

21. Kelly Osbourne in Gray-Lilac

The TV personality really started the party in 2013 when it came to making gray an intentional hair color—and the lilac tint brings it to the next level.

22. Demi Lovato in Blue-Green Ombré

Demi Lovato's hair in December 2013 was definitely better than our hair in December of 2013.

23. Rita Ora in Yellow Ombré

The singer debuted a new look in May 2013 by trying out a yellow ombré, and we are not getting Big Bird vibes at all. What an incredible feat.

24. Rita Ora in Yellow Ombré

The singer debuted a new look in May 2013 by trying out a yellow ombré, and we are not getting Big Bird vibes at all. What an incredible feat.

25. Jaime King in Blue Ombré

The Hart of Dixie star changed it up in 2012: "I felt like it would be fun for me to just do something different just to get back to myself a little bit," she told Us Weekly. This is about as different as you can get, so way to go full throttle Jaime.

26. Katy Perry in Blue

Clearly not afraid to make some drastic changes, Perry showed off a new blue hue in February 2012. (Let's say what we're all thinking here: Smurfette. There, we can all move on now.)

27. Katy Perry in Indigo

And it's another shade! In April 2012, Perry went for indigo at Coachella. (Also, throw out that cig, Katy. We say this because we love you.)

28. Rihanna in Red

The beauty hailing from Barbados is a huge fan of red—she's often changed her hair to some version of the color she wore here in 2011.

29. Katy Perry in Violet-Pink

At the 2011 MTV VMAs, the songstress showed off some pink with a hint of purple.

30. Katy Perry in Pink

A-ha, the genesis of that pink/purple, here in November 2011. That's kind of the awesome thing about these rainbow hues...they're so easy to morph from one to the next.

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