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How to Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Pro

Yes, you can do this.
How to Dye Your Hair at Home Like a Pro
Even if you're not switching up your hair color as often as Kylie, heading to the salon every month or so can get pricey. Still, at home hair dye can be intimidating—to say the least. (We're already envisioning our own beauty horror story.) To calm our fears of screwing everything up, we consulted hair expert and editorial stylist Pepper Pastor to share her tips on successfully dyeing your hair at home. Getting salon-grade color and saving money? We're so in.

1. How to: Choose a Dye

Don't be overwhelmed by endless drugstore hair color aisles. "Save yourself a lot of time and money by first ruling out what won't work for you," advises Pastor. Manage your expectations and focus on color swatches, not hair models, when selecting a shade. Other tips to keep in mind: Permanent dyes are best for covering grays, but sheer glosses are ideal for brightening your shade or adding a new tint—blondes can go str…

Aging Hair Color Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Hair color is one of the most effective anti-aging tools we have—except when it isn’t.
Take your dye job too far (or inky, or frosty) and you can add years to your appearance. Three top colorists weigh in on what to avoid.
Aging Hair Color Mistakes & How To Fix Them

"STRAYING TOO FAR FROM YOUR NATURAL SHADE The hair color you have is the one you’re meant to have: It complements your skin tone and doesn’t look artificial. When coloring your hair, you should aim to enhance and enrich your natural color and subtlyconceal grays—not do a total 180. “Color within reason. If you’re a dark brunette, don’t stray too far from rich tones. If you’re a warm blonde, keep to the golden hues that add depth. If you introduce a completely new color, your natural shade will fight it until it oxidizes and turns brassy orange. And that will make you look like an old woman overnight,” says Louis Licari, a colorist and owner of hair salons in New York City and Beverly Hills. Colorist Negin Zand of Salon…

Watch me dye my hair PINK + TRIM and repair damaged hair

Watch me dye my hair BRIGHT PINK! ;)
Products I used :) -Mixing Bowl -Brush Applicator -Gloves -Tin Foil *Bleach : IT&LY easily blond 2020 *Developer : IT&LY oxily 2020 40 Vol *Pink Dye : Manic Panic - Cotton Candy Pink *Magenta Dye : Ion Color Brights- Magenta

11 Ways To Get #instahair Perfect Hair

Want to get gorgeous, shiny Instagram-ready locks? You can with these habits. 
11 Habits For Perfect Hair
Perfect hair starts with great haircare.

These are 11 habits you need to start cultivating NOW in order to get Instagram-worthy hair (we’ve all seen the #instahair tags and we’ve all at least ONCE wanted gorgeous, flowy, princess-like hair).

From multivitamins to throwing out your comb, everyone with gorgeous hair swears by these tips!

1. Use Shampoo For The Hair You WANT, Not The Hair You HAVE
We can guarantee Gisele’s hair, we just can’t guarantee that you’ll look like her. image via Glamour Magazine
For the longest time I kept on using shampoo for dry hair and, guess what? My hair never got any better. So, instead of using shampoo for the hair I had, I started using shampoo for the hair I wanted. I switched over to shampoo for fine hair and since then, my locks have never been tamer, shinier and, dare I say, healthier.

2. Now That You Have Your Shampoo, Use it SPARINGLY
With perfect hair…

DIY Acrylic Nails ♡ Easy & At Home!


DIY Acrylic Nails: Skip the Salon and Do-It-Yourself

Salon taking up too much of your time and costing you too much money?  Try DIY acrylic nails with our handy step-by-step tutorial!      Most women have a beauty weakness. Some ladies need to get their hair done every weeks, some have mounds of shoes, etc. My weakness is nails. I LOVE going to the salon and getting a brand new shiny set of acrylics or gels. However, it was costing me about $50 a week or more depending on what “extras” I wanted that week… What a woman will do for guilty pleasure! Unfortunately, with hubby and I’s tight budget, this guilty pleasure had to be reigned in.

     Anyways, I decided to make an effort and learn how to do DIY acrylic nails. After all, I am super crafty and can pull off nice nail art when I really put my mind to it. I will warn you — doing your own acrylics IS tricky. Make sure not to rush the process. It may take you a few times to get the hang of it. But if you can push through the learning process, I guarantee you it’s worth it. My beauty weakne…

10 Awesome Silver Hair Colors Ideas

Looking for some hair color inspiration for your new hairstyle? Take a look at these silver hair ideas which are taking the fashion world by storm.
Looking for some hair color inspiration for your new hairstyle? Take a look at these silver hair ideas which are taking the fashion world by storm. Check out these breathtaking ideas for silver hair!
10 Silver Hair Colors For The Daring Gal      Silver hair (or Granny hair) has stolen a TON of hearts this year. Not only is it edgy and stylish, but it also takes a ton of courage to rock. Celebrities like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Pink and Kylie Jenner all joined the silver hair club this year, and they looked SO gorgeous that it makes us want to try out this trend.

     If you’re looking for a bold look this New Year, here are some silver hair ideas to really make a statement.

1. Purple Streaks
     One reason you should try this look is because it gives you an excuse to color your hair again. Silver surprisingly works great with black roots. Add a bit …

Magenta, Violet & Turquoise Hair Dye Tutorial

Pink, violet and turquoise hair dye tutorial to create a cool multi tone effect.
Where to buy hair dye: Magenta Dye: Violet Dye : UV Turquoise Dye : Purple Haze Dye:

~ Pastel Rainbow Hair Dye TUTORIAL ~

MATERIALS/PRODUCTS: - clips - gloves - bowls (1 for each colour) - tint brush - old towel - old t-shirt - hair dye - cheap WHITE conditioner - Popsicle sticks
DYES MENTIONED: Pink dye = Bubblegum Pink by N'Rage (not my favourite...) Purple dyes = Mostly Purple Haze and a couple drops of Ultra Violet by Manic Panic to make it slightly more cool-toned Mint dyes = Mostly Atomic Turquoise and a couple drops of Green Envy by Manic Panic to make it more mint

Opal Hair Tutorial

We purposely left her roots dark to keep it low maintainance Her hair was previously bleached in the "multi-toned violet" video (The blonde you see in the beginning was after the violet faded)

Rose Gold Hair Color

Rose Gold Hair Color fo Mykie using Guy Tang Favorite Kenra Metallics 10BrM and 8BrM in Demi. Do you like it? Comment below
Formula: Guy Tang Favorites Bronze Metallics 8BrM and 10BrM Demi with 9 vol developer and 1 inch of Kenra 5VR and Olaplex No.2 with a dot of Magenta
Hair Extensions: Ash Blonde

Ronze Haircolor Tutorial

Heard about the hot, new look that’s upstaging auburn and taking the red carpet by storm? It’s dubbed “Ronze”…the glorious color you get when you mingle a classic redhead with the richest bronze-y brunette around; and Hollywood colorist, Denis De Souza’s bringing the breakthrough formula to you in a demo that’s going to fill up your books this season. Using Joico’s brand-new, foolproof LumiShine line, this celebrity superstar takes you step by step through the how-to’s in just minutes.

How-To | Bronde Hair Color with iluvsarahii

The PRAVANA 180 Series contains techniques and education designed for licensed professionals only. Please visit our salon locator at to find a licensed PRAVANA professional near you. Support your local stylist!

10 Trending Hair Colors For Spring 2016

Still trying to find that perfect hairstyle? The one that defines you, adds edge to your look and is super simple to take care of? As we all know, the perfect hairstyle starts with the perfect color so let’s see what Spring 2016’s trending hair colors are. 10 Trending Hair Colors For Spring 2016      2016 is the year to let your hair down and we mean that literally. With the trending hair colors for 2016, it won’t be hard to stay away from the hair elastics and headbands. All the trending colors are so beautiful, they’ll make you want to book your appointment to the hairstylist ASAP.

     If you’re someone who welcomes the bold and beautiful this year, then you’re in for a real treat. Here are the trending hair colors for 2016:

1. Ronze Looking to enhance your naturally red hair? Go ronze! IMAGE VIA Cosmopolitan
Ronze is the perfect color hair mixture designed for redheads. It’s described as a combination of copper red and bronze brown, so if you’re a natural redhead and are looking to add …