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Preeeeeetty: Our Favorite Celebs with Rainbow Hair

Blonde and brunette are *so* 2010.
Preeeeeetty: Our Favorite Celebs with Rainbow Hair
1. Hillary Duff in Turquoise

The actress recently made a drastic change, going for "mermaid" hair with this turquoise hue. (Not gonna lie, it's like Lizzie McGuire grew up and ditched those color clip-ins for the real deal.)

2. Nicole Richie in Pink

First she had a pink bob in early 2015, then it turned into this pink pixie. Richie is about all the extremes.

3. Gwen Stefani in Pink *Stripes*

One of the pioneers of celebrity color switch-ups—with hues that are not at all natural—the blonde recently added pink stripes. (Almost as an ode to her old, pink 'do. RIP.)

4.Nicole Richie in Teal

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? IDK, but it looks like Nicole is definitely trying to dye her hair all the colors in the Crayola box. And this November 2014 look has us totally on board for that endeavor.

5. Katy Perry in Purple

The singer debuted this look at the Grammys in February 2015 and sudd…

Easy Rainbow Dot Nails | Cute Nail Art Dotticure Design Tutorial

polish used OPI the berry thought of you OPI spare me a french quarter OPI rich girls and po boys OPI aloha Dazzledry im beachy OPI im so swamped OPI suzey nails new orleans OPI i lost my bikini in molokini wet and wild = white

Super Easy Rainbow Polka Dot Nail Art DIY || THE NAIL POLISH CHALLENGE

Products used: KBShimmer Base Coat: I Scream Nails Soft Serve: I Scream Nails Bubblegum Bang: I Scream Nails Sunny Boy: I Scream Nails Juicy Juicy: I Scream Nails Grasshopper Pie: I Scream Nails Blue Heaven: I Scream Nails Grape Soda: KBShimmer Top Coat: LIQUID LATEX: MATTE TOP COAT:

Rainbow Gradient Chevron Nails Tutorial | Lacquerstyle

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Magenta, Violet & Turquoise Hair Dye Tutorial

Pink, violet and turquoise hair dye tutorial to create a cool multi tone effect.
Where to buy hair dye: Magenta Dye: Violet Dye : UV Turquoise Dye : Purple Haze Dye:

~ Pastel Rainbow Hair Dye TUTORIAL ~

MATERIALS/PRODUCTS: - clips - gloves - bowls (1 for each colour) - tint brush - old towel - old t-shirt - hair dye - cheap WHITE conditioner - Popsicle sticks
DYES MENTIONED: Pink dye = Bubblegum Pink by N'Rage (not my favourite...) Purple dyes = Mostly Purple Haze and a couple drops of Ultra Violet by Manic Panic to make it slightly more cool-toned Mint dyes = Mostly Atomic Turquoise and a couple drops of Green Envy by Manic Panic to make it more mint