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Easter Nails: Bunnies & Carrots

Nail polishes used: Blue: Kiko Milano 344 Pink: Kiko Milano 282 White: Wet n Wild French White Creme Orange: Wet n Wild Blazed Green: Wet n Wild Be more pacific Black: Apple Barrel's Gloss Acrylic Paint Glitter: Essence Nail Art Topper 21 get the party started Top coat: pop-arazzi quick dry top coat

Easy Rainbow Dot Nails | Cute Nail Art Dotticure Design Tutorial

polish used OPI the berry thought of you OPI spare me a french quarter OPI rich girls and po boys OPI aloha Dazzledry im beachy OPI im so swamped OPI suzey nails new orleans OPI i lost my bikini in molokini wet and wild = white

DIY Water Marble Nails

Classy meet edgy. Recreate these stunning water marble nails with this easy step-by-step tutorial!
DIY Water Marble Nails
     Recently, we posted an article about our favorite minimalist nail art designs and today we’re totally drooling over this stone water marble nail art. Because we can’t get enough of its chic, easy design, we’re recreating the look with this step-by-step tutorial that’s so easy all you need is a few materials and 20 minutes.

Products Used In This Tutorial

Nail polish (3 colors)Plastic wrapWarm waterAn alcohol-based liquid in a spray bottle (can be hand sanitizer, hair spray, perfume, or body spray)Colorless top coat
I’m excited, you’re excited, so let’s get started!
Step 1: Apply base coat
Your base coat can be any color. We recommend trying this look with a black base coat. IMAGE VIA Cute Polish
Step 2: Ball up the plastic
     This will be your tool to creating the stone marble effect.
The secret to creating a nice marble design is plastic wrap! IMAGE VIA Cute Polish

DIY Shattered Glass Nail Art Tutorial

This viral trend is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Learn how to DIY shattered glass nail art with this step-by-step tutorial. 
DIY Shattered Glass Nail Art Tutorial      Without South Korea, our skin would be in shambles and we would be entrenched in a life where shattered glass nail art doesn’t exist. While it certainly seems as if we can’t get enough of Korean beauty (probably because we can’t), there are so many great trends and looks to try that we can’t help but write about all of them. This leads to a lot of posts with the word “Korea” in there, something we’re definitely not opposed to (they clearly have their beauty game on lock). So, bear with us as we fangirl for a bit about shattered glass nails and how it’s, quite possibly, one of the most inventive trends of the social media age.

     Created with iridescent cellophane, shattered glass nails are an easy look that gives your nails the appearance of having been dipped in shards of broken glass. The result is all beauty, no …

Flamingo Nails | BONUS DIY Nail Polish Sticker

Materials China Glaze Bottoms Up (Pink) OPI Alpine Snow (white) Julep Denver (mint) ORLY Instant Artist Water Based Striper - Black Orly Instant Artist Water Based Striper - White OPI Let's do Whatever We Want (pink glitter) Thin nail brush (from this set) OPI Natural Nail Base Coat Seche Vite Top Coat


     The look of these nails is very similar to how quail eggs look and it is a combination of two shades of green. If you tried out nail tutorials before that involve you to use water, it is great, if not, it is great again, a good opportunity to start trying out some. Once you will make some, you will get into the fever and will enjoy doing different models and patterns. Today’s tutorial is very similar to some we presented you in the past and the uniqueness of it is given by the colors used.

What you will need:
– dark green nail polish;
– light pearled green nail polish;
– a small container with water;
– some alcohol in a spray bottle.
– some acetone and q-tips to remove the excess polish;
– top coat (optional).
     1. Paint all of your nails with the dark green shade and let the polish dry very well;
     2. Take the small container with water and start putting a few drops of the other polish in it (the light green one).
     3. Spray some alcohol over the polish.
     4. Stick o…


     When we were kids, at one point we all would have wanted to be or become a mermaid. All the movies and cartoons that had mermaids in it made us be charmed by their strength and beauty. Even if you have got over that fantasy long time ago you can still be chic making some mermaid inspired nails for yourself.
What you will need:
– turquoise nail polish;
– royal blue and emerald green nail polish (preferably with glitter in them);
– sponge;
– some fishnet;
– small nail decorations that look like gems;
– top coat;
– acetone and q-tips to clean out the excess polish on skin.

     1. Start with applying one layer of turquoise nail polish on your nails and let them dry very well.
     2. Take the sponge and apply the other polishes to it, the green and blue, because you will have to dab them over every nail. Before dabbing make sure you hold the fishnet over the nail.
     3. Repeat for each and every nail, and soak the sponge with polish as many times you need.
     4. Take the small de…

Nail Art Design ♚ Nail Art Compilation Complete ♚ Rainbow Nails 2016

Thanks for watching! I hope you guys enjoyed Nail Art trick & Compilation , UPDATED! I love watching Nail Art collections as much as ANYONE! :)
All Nail Art looks created by some of our favorite Nail Art artists on Instagram I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for spending a little bit of your day w/ me :) LOVE YOU

DIY Beautiful Nail Art Design Part-8/Nail Polish Design/40 Nail Art Comp...

❤ All Nail Art looks created by some of our favorite Nail Art artists on Instagram. ❤ Thank you for watching my videos and hopefully useful to you. You can share these videos with your friends, as well as let me know what types of looks you'd like to see in the future! ❤ I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for spending a little bit of your day I love U Guys, Have FUN painting nails!!!!

Nail Art Designs Step By Step At Home

nail art designs step by step at home is the best channel Advanced teach drawing extremely professional nail with a team of specialists experienced, nail art trends at home and abroad, the most popular trends for each age, for the festival, which we launched out and practice at home for you

NEW Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stains Review & Swatches!

♥Products Mentioned♥ -Rico Mauve -Red dy or Not -Nudist Colony -Lady and the Vamp -A Stiff Pink Shade not shown: Pinky Promise
♥ What I'm Wearing ♥ Revlon Colorstay foundation-Ivory Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Smashbox Softlights Blush -in Prism Essence Beauty Beats Shimmer Powder- in SWAAAAG! Anastasia Brow Wiz -in Ebony
Polish-Essie Really Red & Hard Candy Celebrate Sequins

Easter Nail Art!!! | MissJenFABULOUS

Easy & Cute Easter Nail Art Design! THUMBS UP if you like it!

Cute Easter Nails | DIY Colorful Eggs and Bunny Nail Art Design Tutorial

Easter Nail Art Tutorial (for Deborah Milano Beauty Club)

- Used Products - Hema Eyeliner Brush (Dutch Drugstore) Deborah Milano Pret a Porter 01 French Manicure Deborah Milano Pret a Porter 88 Vanilla Pudding Deborah Milano Pret a Porter 102 Marshmallow Deborah Milano Pret a Porter 101 Yummy Macaron Deborah Milano Pret a Porter 96 Cotton Candy Deborah Milano Nailpolish Remover Deborah Milano Brilliant Topcoat

3 Easy Easter Nail Art Tutorials | Freehand

♡ Easter Nail Art ♡ Four Easy & Cute Tutorials!

Hi guys! Who doesn't love Easter? Chocolate.. Days off work/school.. Cute baby animals! In this video I'll show you FOUR different tutorials for all different skill levels and most will only require dotting tools and a thin nail art brush!

Easter Nail Art ♥ Three Cute & Easy Tutorials!!!

PRODUCTS AND NAIL POLISH USED: Dotting Tools: Nail Stripers: Top Coat: Seche Vite
Manicure #1 OPI Alpine Snow Lime Crime Parfait Day Orly Fancy Fuchsia Essie Penny Talk
Manicure #2 Essie Borrowed & Blue Orly Fancy Fuchsia Nail Art Pen:
Manicure #3 White OPI Alpine Snow Orly Fancy Fuchsia Nail Art Pen: Essie Play Date China Glaze Sun Worshiper Lime Crime Crema De Limon

✦ Pink Galaxy Nails ✦

Pastel pink galaxy nail art! Sort of reminds me of a unicorn! I've wanted to do galaxy nails for a while but since it's still warm out I wanted to try out a lighter look. Pretty and girly, and simple to do! YAY! Back to school nails will be up next week! :D
❥ Materials → Nicole by OPI Sweet Surrender (Light Pink) OPI Alpine Snow (White) Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pretty in Hot Pink (Hot pink) China Glaze That's Shore Bright (Purple) Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing (Blue) Orly water-based white striper Julep Camille (clear iridescent glitter, optional) Hard Candy Bridal Party (Pink Glitter) OPI Natural Nail Base Coat Seche Vite Topcoat

Nail Art Tutorial: Easy Pastel Galaxy Print (perfect for beginners!)

Polishes used: Black: PPN ‘respect’ (from White: PPN ‘divinely made' (from Light pink: essie ‘fiji’ Peach: opi ‘sorry i’m fizzy today’ Hot pink: opi ‘strawberry margarita’ Darker pink: essie ‘watermelon Light blue-ish-purple: essie ‘bikini so teeny’ Darker blue-ish-purple: essie ‘chills & thrills' Lilac: opi ‘do you lilac it?’ Dark purple: opi ‘purple with a purpose’ Mint: essie ‘mint candy apple’ Turquoise: essie ‘where’s my chauffeur?’ Medium blue: opi ‘no room for the blues’ Neonish blue: essie ‘i’m addicted' Dark blue: essie ‘hide & go chic’ Topcoat: essie ‘good to go’ and opi ‘matte topcoat'