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This has so much to offer and it is not as hard as it looks either. It can be a bit time consuming but the end result well give you so much confidence and truly leave you speech less. You can say this is a new age princess look
     1. Part the hair evenly, start from the fringe (doesn’t matter what side you start from) and began to braid
     2. When you have reached half way (or the person that is doing it for you) grab the hair from the other side and began to braid until you have seven lines of hair.
     3 . Go down a quarter of the way and began to braid hair on the side you started. Do four lines for that side.
     4. Once again go down other quarter length and braid in other four lines and complete the steps on the opposite side a quarter of the way down. If the end result does not surprise you then you must be one hard person to surprise because it is truly amazing and you can wear any dress or clothes and style well just give you this sense of confidence that well mak…