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Meet Your New Counter-Intuitive Favorite Face Cleanser

It's basically the opposite of everything you've ever been told to use.

Meet Your New Counter-Intuitive Favorite Face Cleanser

Washing your face isn't the most exciting task, but we may have just kicked it up a notch or three. PCA Skin has three new bars—yes, bars—that will definitely have you rethinking your cleanser. Yeah, we know your mom always told you never to use soap on your face, but this isn't soap, so hear us out.

For one, the bars come in jars that help keep your bar going (and that make it easy to tote them to the gym) and two, they *work* exactly how you'd want them to. (Sounds logical, but as anyone who's ever used face know the struggle.)

"Our three treatment bars are designed to address specific conditions," says Ivana Veljkovic, director of research and development for PCA. "The Pigment Bar addresses skin discoloration with azelaic acid, the Blemish Control Bar treats acne with 2 percent salicylic acid, and the Dry Skin Relief Bar relieves the symptoms of a variety of dry skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema with 3 percent salicylic acid. The convenient jar makes it great to leave in the shower and they are also great to use with sonic cleansing brushes."

New skincare trend? You know we're all like 🙋. 
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