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Best Beauty Looks From Coachella Weekend 1

Coachella was this weekend and while these looks aren’t groundbreaking, they sure are inspiring. Click here to check out the best beauty looks from Coachella Weekend 1. 

Best Beauty Looks from Coachella Weekend 1

When it comes to festival looks, we pretty know what to expect: edgy face jewelry, flash tattoos, dainty body jewelry, multi-colored hair, lace bralettes… it’s safe to say that a certain aesthetic has dominated the festival beauty scene. This year was no different with celebrities, fashionistas and beauty lovers coming out in droves to show off their take on the latest festival trends.

While these looks may not be groundbreaking, they will inspire you to get in on the festival fun and try something out of your comfort zone.

Here are 19 beauty looks we loved from Coachella Weekend 1.

1. All About That Nail Art

image via POPSUGAR

2. Purple All Day, Erryday
image via POPSUGAR

I am lovin’ this soft, beautiful take on rainbow hair.

3. Bohemian Casual
image via POPSUGAR

Flawless, effortless, and downright cool.

4. Need. Those. Earrings.
image via POPSUGAR

Does Cher Horowitz know someone raided her earrings?

5. The Best Bridal Hairstyle You’ll Ever See
image via POPSUGAR

This is such a beautiful, carefree look. This is what festival beauty is all about!

6. Tough Girl Chicimage via POPSUGAR
Let those roots grow, girl!

7.  Putting the “Flash” in Flashy Tattoos
image via POPSUGAR

Flash tattoos were the belle of the ball at this year’s Coachella.

8. One of the Best Festival Looks Ever
image via Glamour

Everything about this look is great: the distressed denim, hair, flats… Zoe Kravitz is a style icon.

9. That’s Not Kylie Jenner, That’s a Mermaid
image via Hollywood Life

Cue the newest Instagram beauty trend: Kylie Jenner Mermaid Hair.

10. I Don’t Normally Bleach My Eyebrows, But…
image via Glamour

I totally would for this look.

11. The OG Festival Look
image via POPSUGAR

While we’ve seen this outfit millions of times before, it’s the confidence that makes this look like something completely different.

12. Disco’s Back This Summer
image via Yahoo

Purple is the color of this year’s festival season.

13. A New Take on Classic Colors
image via POPSUGAR

From the hat to the bandana, everything about this look is alluring and classic at the same time.

14. Naomi Yang, Is That You?
image via POPSUGAR

Either way, we love the braids!

15. Ozzy Osbourne’s Reigning Influence
image via POPSUGAR

Mirror-lens glasses will never go out of style. There are too many chic ways to wear them!

16. This Girl’s Got It All
image via POPSUGAR

This woman is the epitome of festival beauty.

17. Katy Perry’s Doppelganger
image via POPSUGAR

Katy Perry, is that you? No, but really though.

18. #FestivalVibes
image via POPSUGAR

We love her statement necklace and kimono pairing.

19. Grunge Meet Bohemian

I love the way Chiara Ferragni styled her boots, denim romper, and face jewelry. This is why she’s a trendsetter.

Which look was your favorite?



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