Here’s How To Get A Professional Manicure At Home

LA’s top nail artist shares her tips and tricks for achieving the perfect manicure at home. Keep on reading to learn how! 

The Perfect DIY At-Home Manicure
     While we love nothing more than going to our favorite nail salon and getting our nails did, we also understand and accept the financial reality of our bank account which makes trips to the salon a privilege rather than a right.

     However, that doesn’t make going without our mani/pedis any easier. Instead, we’ve had to adapt to the good ol’ DIY approach: shaking off our dusty nail polishes, attempting to push back our cuticles and filing our nails only to see the finished result and think, “Meh. That could’ve turned out way better.”

     Thankfully, there’s light at the end of the traumatic at-home manicure tunnel and it comes in the diaphanous form of an infographic from one of LA’s top manicurists, Madeline Poole.

     Madeline goes over every step of the process — from filing to top coats — to make manicures great again! Your days of fearing the at-home manicure are long gone…

     Save it, pin it or bookmark this infographic for future reference.
Get the perfect at-home manicure with this detailed visual guide. image via Daily Mail

     With this handy infographic, every manicure can be a professional one and you won’t have to break the bank either.