Best Celebrity Hair & Makeup At The Grammys 2016

After the Oscars, this is it… Awards season will be over and all of the glamorous looks we’ve seen walking down the red carpet will be little more than a memory. This is exactly why we’re reliving the beauty of the Grammys by honoring celebs who killed it in the red carpet last night. 

Unlike the Oscars, the Grammys aren’t so stuffy and, in fact, afford celebrities the opportunity to dress up (or down) for the event. When we say dress up, we’re not talking your standard evening gowns and tuxedos; we’re talking capes, claws, wigs, accessories, and everything else you would see strutting in the San Francisco Pride Parade. It’s the bombastic, out-there nature of the Grammys that makes us one of our favorite events to watch. Anything goes!

While this year may not have been as outrageous as previous years, there were still so many beauty highlights we just had to recap and share them with you! Below were our favorite looks of the night.

Best Celebrity Beauty At The Grammys 2016
1. Bella Hadid
     Do you ever look at Bella Hadid and think, “Oh my god. She’s so beautiful. How is that even humanly possible? Why is life not fair?” Yeah, me too.
IMAGE VIA Refinery29

2. Diamond White
     Yes, we loved Diamond White’s sheer, figure-hugging dress, but what we loved even more was her sultry makeup. The dark lip worked perfectly to complete the outfit.
IMAGE VIA Us Magazine

3. Kacey Musgraves
     Purple was the unofficial color of the Grammys this year! Lalah Hathaway rocked purple braids, eyebrows and lipstick, and Kacey Musgraves killed it with her lilac lip.
IMAGE VIA Us Magazine

4. Florence Welch
     Florence Welch was like a walking advert for Free People in a bohemian dress complete with loose waves and minimal makeup. She looked like an absolute dream and we are so happy to see her back on the red carpet. She’s always a source of inspiration for us.
IMAGE VIA Us Magazine
5. Meghan Trainor
     Girl is working the darker ‘do and we love it!
IMAGE VIA Us Magazine

6. Tove Lo
     Tove Lo looked like she walked straight off the Givenchy Fall 2015 runway with her Victorian-inspired septum ring and rust-colored eye makeup. While a difficult look to nail, Tove Lo dominated this look and was one of our favorites of the night.

7. Ellie King
     There are so many aspects of Ellie King’s look that I loved — the peekaboo glitter in her eyeshadow, her platinum blonde hair, the Hollywood waves. All of it looked beautiful on her.

8. Serayah McNeill
     Serayah McNeill made a case for the revival of grunge makeup at last night’s awards. I loved the dark lip and minimal eye makeup.
IMAGE VIA Refinery29

9. Lady Gaga
     No, maybe this wasn’t the best look of the night, but we just had to honor Lady Gaga’s tribute to David Bowie. Not only was her performance on point, her Ziggy Stardust-inspired hair and makeup were too.
IMAGE VIA Refinery29

10. Janelle Monae
     Much like with her music, Janelle Monae is always reshaping and molding old traditions into something new. This was the case with the pigtails which, if done poorly, can look juvenile. Janelle took the standard long plaits and turned them into something magical and new. Girl knows what she’s doing.
IMAGE VIA Refinery29

11. Nicole Trunfio
     Needless to say, Nicole Trunfio is a model and looked downright smashing at last night’s awards. I loved her ’70s-inspired jumpsuit, bouncy disco waves and plum lip. Sexy!
IMAGE VIA Us Magazine

12. Lalah Hathaway
     Lalah Hathaway did purple right at last night’s awards with a full-on purple beauty look. It was the right amount of eccentric to where it still kept her look classy and sophisticated.
IMAGE VIA Us Magazine

13. Ellie Goulding
     Ellie Goulding was ready for Spring with her pink lips and dewy skin.
IMAGE VIA Refinery29

14. Selena Gomez
     Selena Gomez brought the heat to last night’s awards show with her bouncy, ’70s-inspired waves and dark smokey eyes.

IMAGE VIA Refinery29