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23 Fanatastic Ombre Hair Color Ideas

Ombre hair is here to stay and to make sure you don’t miss out on one of hair color’s hottest trends, we’ve put together this list of amazing ombre hair colors to inspire your next look! 

23 Inspiring Ombre Hair Color Ideas

The best part of the ombre hair trend is its versatility and ridiculously easy maintenance! With this hairstyle, you can be summer ready and always look your best with a low-maintenance hairstyle.

1. Lilac with BlondeBeautiful lilac, blonde ombre hair.

Beautiful lilac, blonde ombre hair.

Ombre hair can be bold, or not. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless. If going with a bold, bright colored look, pair your hue with an opposing color for hi def contrast.

2. Reverse Ombre
Change it up with this reverse ombre look!

Ombre hair doesn’t have to follow the standard dark-to-light gradient. Switch it up by going from light-to-dark with this look! This hairstyle is a guaranteed head turner.

3. Dreamy Ombre Blue
Get this dreamy blue ombre look.

Go bold with this beautiful dreamy look! The perfect color for naturally dark hair, this ombre blue is the perfect look for any season!

4. Pink Ombre Ribbons
This ribboned look is perfect for playing around with!

The best part about this ribboned look is that it’s not overwhelming and can be modified with your favorite color! Our favorite hues are mint, lavender, baby blue, and turquoise. This look is perfect for blonde or dark-haired gals!

5. Effortlessly Cool Ombre
Be even cooler with this ombre look.

We are huge, HUGE suckers for this entire look. The bold contrast from dark to light just screams “Effortlessly cool!” This style is easy to maintain and gives you an instantly done-up look regardless of what you choose to do with it.

6. Juxtaposed Ombre
Bold, dramatic, and beautiful.

Not for the faint of heart, this look is best reserved for the bold and courageous. A beautiful hair color that is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

7. Everyday Blonde-Caramel Ombre
This light caramel look is perfect for everyday wear.

This ombre look is perfect for everyday, casual wear. The blonde is bold enough to stand out, yet still suitable for any occasion and outfit.

8. Perfectly Blonde Ombre
Lauren Conrad is the poster child for this beautiful ombre look.

We absolutely adore Lauren Conrad and would gladly refer to her as a beauty icon of our time. In this look, Lauren perfectly adapts the ombre trend to suit her own style and hair color. To make this look your own, stay within the range of your hair’s natural color and enjoy!

9. Smoldering Red Ombre
This look is sexy and smoldering.

This beautiful red ombre look gives off a smoldering, dying embers color. We love the dark hue and feel this is the perfect combination of bold and delicate.

10. Pink Ombre Locks
This pink ombre look is playful and vibrant.

Demi Lovato can spot a hair trend from a mile away. This look is absolutely beautiful and perfect for gals who are on the fence in regards to bright-colored locks. The best part about this style, is that it pairs well with any skin tone, haircut, and occasion!

11. The Fiery Ombre Look
Stand out this summer with this vibrant look!

This look is the perfect look for our short-haired gals! The best way to change it up this summer is by going bold with this fiery red ombre hair color. With this style, you’ll be giving the sun a run for its money!

12. Princess Purple Hair
Feel like a princess with this beautiful purple ombre!

This hairstyle is so ridiculously beautiful. We absolutely love the deep violet to lilac gradient! This hair color works best with any and every skin tone! Try this look and we guarantee you’ll feel like a magical fairy princess.

13. Ecaille Ombre

Also known as the “Tortoiseshell,” this look is a sophisticated take on the ombre hairstyle. Incorporating only rich golden and amber brown hues, the ecaille look is a mixture of balayage and ombre and is perfect for working gals or those who want a lighter take on a bold hair trend.

14. Coral Mermaid Hair
Get beach ready with this beautiful coral color.

This coral hair trend is here to stay with this beautiful mermaid, pastel coral ombre look. The perfect color complement to light-brown hair, one day with this hairstyle will leave you singing “Under the Sea” all day long.

15. Black, Purple and Beautiful
Bring all the best hair colors together with this awesome ombre look!

We adore this multi-hued ombre look. While it’s not as maintenance-friendly as other hair colors, this look is so fantastical and wonderful, we’re left wondering when a unicorn will enter the scene.

16. Natural Brown Ombre Locks
This subtle look adds just the right amount of color.

We totally understand – sometimes you just want to change up your hairstyle without going bold and wild. That’s where this look comes into play. The perfect variation of the ombre hair trend, this natural brown look is perfect for a hairstyle that is subtle, yet different.

17. Rainbow Bright Ombre
Get rainbow bright this year with this look!

And if the subtle look isn’t for you, then this definitely is! The perfect combination of brilliant colors, this look is for the bold, daring, and those wanting a dramatic change.

18. Yellow Ombre
Get rainbow bright this year with this look!

And if the subtle look isn’t for you, then this definitely is! The perfect combination of brilliant colors, this look is for the bold, daring, and those wanting a dramatic change.

18. Yellow Ombre
Orange sherbet ice cream has some seriously competition.

Bold, yet wearable, this is the perfect look for those wanting to live it up this summer!

20. Silver Pastel Ombre
This silver pastel look is so elegant and dreamy.

This look is so feminine, elegant and beautiful. We love how well the cut and color go together and how incredibly versatile this hair color is.

21. Vibrant Fuchsia Ombre
With this hair color, all you’re missing is your crown.

It’s incredibly easy for us to get lost in the softness that is this ombre look. The fuchsia is so pretty, just looking at it makes us feel like a princess. Imagine having this every day?

22. Caramel Ombre Hair

This look is so elegant and adds just the right amount of color, giving off a shimmery look perfect for those golden summer nights.

23. Discrete Ombre

This look is a natural approach to what can be considered an unnatural hair color. The discrete ombre look provides just enough color to change your style without sacrificing your personality.

To get beach-ready ombre locks, check out our How To Get Beachy Waves hair tutorial. And, with every great hairstyle comes great makeup, so don’t miss out on these awesome Makeup Tips from the Experts to complete your look! 

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