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12 Fresh Spring 2016 Nail Art Trends | Makeup Tutorials

As Mugatu would say, “These nail art trends… They’re so hot right now.” 

12 Fresh Spring Nail Art Trends
     The birds are chirping, kids are painting Easter eggs and with the amount of chocolate bunnies I’ve been stuffing in my face, it’s safe to say that Easter is here and spring has, officially, sprung.

     As we’ve been saying all year long, spring is the time for fresh trends that breathe life into our stale, now-overdone transitional winter wardrobe. This means it’s time to think outside the box which is exactly what these nail art trends do.

     These designs are taken from the S/S 2016 runway and will breathe new life into your spring style.

     Keep on scrolling to see the freshest spring nail trends from chrome to opalescent.

1. Chrome
     This spring, chrome will be big, big, big. From chrome polish that reflects off of interior lighting to futuristic stripes that predict minimalism’s long residency in fashion, it was all about metallic.
Get closer to the sun than Icarus with metallic nail polish. image via Harper’s Bazaar

2. Rose Gold
     Rose gold is having a moment right now. Rose gold technology, rose gold makeup… It was only inevitable that nails hop on the fast-paced rose gold bandwagon. This nail polish color is easy to fall in love with and is neutral enough to work for any occasion, with any outfit.
Bring out your inner hopeless romantic with rose gold nails. image via Harper’s Bazaar

3. Minimalist Accent Art
     If you’re not a fan of the over-the-top designs of today’s nail art, rest assured knowing that the “less is more” trend is slowly taking root. We saw it with makeup and are slowly seeing it with nail art. Does this mean acrylics are over too?!
Keep it simple with accent pieces and a bold base coat. image via Allure

4. Negative Space
     Negative space is one nail art trend I can totally get behind and sincerely hope becomes a classic, much like the red nail. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have the time or steady hand to create bouquets of flowers, city skylines and other insanely detailed designs, but what I can do is create negative space nail art that focuses on clean lines or dots and the natural beauty of the nail. It’s a great alternative for ladies who love nail art but don’t have the skills or schedule.
Celebrate your nail’s natural beauty with negative space nail art. image via The Zoe Report

5. Matte… Anything
     We get it: matte is hot and will never go out of style. Next.
Matte is back for another year; embrace it! image via POPSUGAR

6. Sheer Opalescent Sheen
     This is a nice little trend I’ll be glad to see more of. I love the naturalness and elegance of the opalescent nail. It’s a light wash of color with an iridescent glimmer that adds a touch of vintage sophistication to one’s aura.
We like to call this color “highlighter for our nails.” image via POPSUGAR

7. Outlined Dimensions
     If you can master this design, you’re a badass who should not be reckoned with. It’s not easy to outline your finger with two different colors, but the final result is a beautiful, versatile design that can be easily adapted to suit anyone’s personal style or OOTD.
If you can nail this look, you’ve got some serious skills. image via POPSUGAR

8. The Nude French
     The nude French is one of the many modern takes on the classic French tip. This version involves a nude base and any color tip you desire.
The French is getting a sophisticated manicure with a nude base coat.

9. Interpretive Art

     Not interpretive art as much as it is quick, feather-like strokes that resemble paint strokes or a feather in mid-flight. This nail art was huge on the S/S 2016 runway and we can see why: it’s a gorgeously evocative design that adds instant romanticism to your look.
Go back to basics with paint-like decorations. image via POPSUGAR

10. Minimalist Metallic Stripes

     Silver, gold, rose gold, it’s all about metallics this spring. If the full-on polish is too much of a commitment, opt for a minimalist design that features vertical or horizontal metallic stripes. You can even change the number of stripes on each nail to give your nail art some more Oomph.
This trend brings together minimalism and metallics for a unique look. image via POPSUGAR

11. White, Textured Designs
     Add some texture to that, girl! What are you doing with a basic white nail? Ain’t nobody likes that. But with that said, really, what are you doing with a basic white nail? Add some texture with some caviar, shatterglass or other add-ons. Get creative.
Add some dimension with texture. image via POPSUGAR

12. The Redefined French Tip
     The French tip faded into irrelevancy a long time ago, but this year it’s making a comeback with several redefined versions that include a more squared French tip, a diagonally split design and other color and finish you could imagine.
Change up the French tip with various shapes and colors. image via POPSUGAR

     We are so over the nude nails every celeb has sported on the red carpet thus far this year, we can’t wait for the fun, creative, edgy looks of spring! Nail art is growing past its adolescent stage into a mature, sophisticated and elegant phase in which nails are seen as part of a complete package and not the package itself.

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